UTC Students Save Money On Books By Renting

By James Buchanan


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – (UTC/The Loop) We’ve all heard to not judge books by their covers but UTC students do this every semester by looking for the rent me sticker on books in the bookstore.

Renting books is something that is a popular choice among students with a major cause of this being the costs of renting compared to buying books.

Jackie Dudley, an employee at the bookstore, said “I know if a book is available to rent I would say most of the students choose to rent it.”

With lower costs of renting books also comes more responsibility with the care of the book. Students are required to pay fees if a book is not returned to the bookstore on time or is returned in poor condition.

Renting books you plan on keeping for more than one semester may not be the best plan according to some students.

Jake Chapman, a student at UTC, said “If you have a book that you’re probably going to use for more than just one class, and you rent it, you only rent it for a semester but you have to keep on paying money to keep on renting it and renting it.”

Click here to listen to Jake Chapman talk about renting books

The UTC bookstore’s rental policy claimed that renting books saves students over 50 percent on total costs when compared to buying books.

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