Balancing Work and School

By Laura Mish

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – While popular culture displays college as simply fun and games, most college students realize the intense load a class can carry. For the students with jobs outside of school, officials say the level of stress could be multiplied drastically.

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Career Planning Counselor, Mark Rehm, said having a job in college enhances responsibility, but it can also contribute to the lack of student commitment to classes. He said it is estimated that only one-fifth of UTC students have a job, and of those, the job easily affects their academic success.

Rehm said success in school or work depends on individual priorities, and to succeed in either of the fields, students need to master time management.

It has been determined that after graduation what set students apart from other competitive applicants won’t simply be a degree, but a student’s work experience, he said. During college Rehm says having a goal is fundamental to the future of all college students.

“If you have an end goal in mind you’re going to have better academic success,” he said, “You can also align yourself up with relevant job opportunities before you get to the end.”

Joe Palermo, a senior taking 21 hours this semester, said he chooses not to have a job during the school year because managing work and school would affect his academic success.

“I really don’t have time for a job,” he said, “I find it hard to study and get A’s while having a job.”

UTC Health and Human Performance professor, Jamie Harvey, said students need to focus on taking care of their health in order to better balance a school and work load. The best way to handle a busy schedule is to increase rest, minimize procrastination and practice self-discipline, she said.

Harvey said taking small steps toward a goal will enhance a student’s performance, both physically and academically.

“Being healthy in human performance, and seeing healthier behaviors, the student has to take on the self-discipline of rest and sleep, and relieving stress,” she said.

Harvey said an essential way to reducing stress and fulfilling goals is planning physical activity. Exercising frequently will increase energy, and boost performance, she said.

Click here to listen to Mark Rehm talk about balancing work and school

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  1. Yeah, thanks for the information. Balancing work and school is little tough task. But one need to have every activity charted in detail for both and when it is done it will be easy. However my opinion is to concentrate more on school.

  2. This problem has been happening around the world. Students should only focus on studying. But unfortunately that in some families this is not possible.
    Congratulations for the post.