Flu Season is Here, Time for Your Vaccinations


Elizabeth Miller

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (UTC/The loop)-

Flu shots are available at local pharmacies

Flu season normally begins in the fall and extends into December or January, but this year’s mild weather brought a delayed wave of the illness. Walgreens Pharmacist Chad Garrison said that since the weather has been so mild the need for flu shots has been low, until recently, when it started to cool down.

Garrison says, that the shot has been in high demand recently because of a television report on the severity of the flu in the northeast this season.

As a result , local pharmacies saw an increase in patients and had a small shortage of shots. However, Garrison said, the epidemic was not as widespread as people thought.

This illness can be spread easily especially on college campuses because of its tendency to transferred airborne Garrison said. UTC junior Haley Cordle, caught the flu this season and said “Nothing else that I have ever gotten cold wise, has made me had the body aches and just the exhaustion that comes along with having the flu.”

If you have the symptoms of the flu like coughing, body aches, or fever you need to be diagnosed by the doctor Garrison said.

Garrison suggested that in order to get the shot people should visit their local Walgreens, clinic, or hospital. The price of the shot ranges from twenty to thirty dollars.

Walgreens- 110 N. Market Street

(423) 752-8104


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