UTC Bad Luck Brian Twitter account drawing huge following.

By Brian Bass

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP/The Loop) – Students at UTC are quickly realizing that if you want to follow a UTC Twitter account, you are going to run into options. There are the typical accounts that are run by the school or by different departments that are moderated and updated by faculty.
These accounts update students about changes in class times, when different clubs meet, and other school related activities.

However, an anonymous student runs the most popular account that involves a more personal look at the life of a UTC student. The Twitter feed @UTCBadLuckBrian, which describes the negative and unlucky encounters a UTC student can come across in an average day, and has drawn thousands of followers.

Miles Magallanes, senior from Nashville, says he enjoys following the account because many things that happen to “UTC Brian”, have happened to him.
“Whether it’s getting a quiz on syllabus day or not being able to park’, Magallanes said, “the Bad Luck Brian usually nails the problems of this school.”

The popularity of the account seems to grow by the hour.
Chad Roberts, a senior from Franklin, says the reason students love the Twitter feed is because it creates a common bond.
Roberts says, “Even if you love UTC you will see something on the Twitter feed that has happened to you and makes you laugh.”

Students get big laughs from new Twitter account.

The UTC BadLuckBrian has over 1,200 followers with that number growing every day.

Criticism of the accounts has come from the controversy over multiple comments made about the school’s Greek system, in particular, individual fraternities and sororities.
Posts involving Greek stereotypes and rumors about fraternities and sororities have started online fights over their validity with many Greek members.

The most hotly debated post came over the reason for Sigma Chi’s probationary period this year. ¬†The fraternity claimed the post to be ¬†false and wanted it taken down.

As of now, university officials have no plans to become involved in the Twitter account.

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