A City Without Tears

The flyer for Big Mike Mic's performance at the Barking Legs Theatre.

The flyer for Big Mike Mic’s performance at the Barking Legs Theatre.

By: Emily Brogdon

Chattanooga, TN (The Loop/UTC) Growing up in Chattanooga can offer a lot of opportunities, especially when a person is full of passion and loyalty towards their city.

Two brothers from Chattanooga were bothered by the growing violence in Chattanooga neighborhoods, and they decided to do something about it. Brian and Michael Kelly developed a project called “City Without Tears” to help stop violence in the community.

Brian Kelly, the director of the project, stated, “ Everything is like an infection. If you don’t do something it’s going to get bigger and bigger. And, why be reactive when we can be proactive?”

Michael Kelly, the artist that goes by “Big Mike Mic”, explains, “ ‘City Without Tears’ is a project that consists of a documentary, also a song/video, also a six song EP album and a poem.”

M. Kelly says that the shape of the community is what drives him to do this project. He plans to eventually do a tour showcases his music and his project to the violent neighborhoods in Chattanooga.

B. Kelly says his brother has been working on music for more than 10 years. Brian says that Michael used to beat on his mother’s pots and pans and developed a love for music at an early age.  Michael believes that he was born to make a difference in the world.

Big Mike Mic promoting his project "City Without Tears."

Big Mike Mic promoting his project “City Without Tears.”

The group has met with the city council of Chattanooga, and has performed several times at the Barking Legs Theatre.

Brian and Michael hope to raise $10,000 to help finish their project.  They are accepting donations on their website page.

Those interested in the project can follow the group on twitter, and watch the “City Without Tears”  video on YouTube.

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