Green Energy For Hixson and East Lake Fire Houses

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (UTC/The Loop) – A proposal for geothermal heat pumps in two local fire houses was approved by City Hall March 5th.

The proposal calls for the installation of geothermal heating and cooling units in Fire House 9 in East Lake and Fire House 11 in Hixson.

Greenspaces is located next to Niedlov's Breadworks on Main Street.

Greenspaces is located next to Niedlov’s Breadworks on Main Street.

Fire Chief Randall Parker says there are considerable advantages to using geothermal energy. He  explains that it will reduce costs and cut back dependence on fossil fuels. Parker says, “We are taxpayer funded so anything we can do to control costs is a good thing for the citizens as well as being responsible users of fossil fuels precious natural resources”.

Geothermal energy has become increasingly popular in the area over the years. Hamilton County Schools and Greenspaces have both made the switch.

Greenspaces is a local company located on Main Street. Director Anj McClain says, “I think this is only the beginning of a tremendous environmental change for America and I’m glad Chattanooga is on board”.

McClain ads, “It just makes more sense. To get this building at 70 degrees, we don’t have to start with 30-degree air, we get heat from the already warm earth. It’s much more efficient than standard heating and cooling systems”.

In this way, geothermal pumps move water in and out of the building.

In this way, geothermal pumps move water through pipes to heat and cool the building.

Geothermal pumps work by using the heat inside the earth to cool and warm buildings. Water contained in the pipes absorbs heat to transfer it into the building in the winter and carry heat out in the summer. More information about geothermal energy can be found here.

A complete list of places in Tennessee using geothermal energy can be found by clicking here.





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