Graduation: So Close, Yet So Far Away For Many UTC Students.

By Arielle Henson

CHATTANOOGA, Tn (UTC/The Loop) – If you plan on graduating on time, think twice.
UTC students come in as freshman with the idea of graduating on a four-year path, but that may not be the case these days.

Many classes that are necessary for graduation requirements are only being offered once a semester and at one time slot.

Caitlyn Mantooth, UTC senior, said she has had several adjuncts over the years and noticed their times are offered less often.

UTC grad“ I think if UTC departments hired less adjuncts and more full-time professors, we would not have this problem,” Mantooth said. “ Full-time professors have more flexible schedules while adjuncts typically have other jobs.”

Some have expressed their frustration surrounding this issue and it has been resolved quickly.

Michael Andrews, UTC communication professor, has seen change happen within the Communication Department already.

“It was to the point where there were far too many students in one class and Dr. Alderman realized this and now has Dr. Harris teaching another section of senior seminar along side of Dr. Sachsman,” Andrews said.

The communication department, however, is not the only department with this problem.

Cody Dowler, UTC Junior, said he had to wait an entire semester to take Spanish Two because it was only offered in the spring, putting him an entire semester behind for graduation.

While this seems to be a big problem on this campus, what can be done to change it?

Kami Rowe, UTC Junior, said, “ If they offer more sections at a higher capacity than 15-20, that would help. I know I have a hard time getting into my communication electives because they are small classes.”

Professor Andrews also thinks there can be change made through students speaking with department heads.

“I would say that students need to register their concerns with department heads and let them know you can’t graduate because this class is not available,” he said.

Here is how you can make a difference in your department:

  • Speak  with the department head and give a supported reason why you need another section
  • Speak with other students to have a support group behind you
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