Superstitious Mocs? Think Again

Junior Lance Stokes against Samford

Junior Lance Stokes against Samford

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (UTC/The Loop) – Whether it’s Michael Jordan wearing his North Carolina shorts under his uniform or Jason Terry wearing five pairs of socks during every game, athletes are known for their superstitions.

The Mocs men’s basketball team is currently number two in the Southern Conference with a 9-2 record. There is no doubt that they are great athletes, but some of the players have their own good luck charms and superstitions.

Lance Stokes, a 6-foot-7 forward from Orlando, Fla. said, “I like to wear the same shoes during home games and the same tights under my shorts.” He also said that he likes to talk to his dad before games, but plays just as great even if he doesn’t.

The team is focusing on finishing the season in first place and making it to the NCAA basketball tournament.

Director of Basketball Relations Brooks Savage, who works directly with the team, says that he isn’t really superstitious on game days. Savage said, “I think everybody tries to keep things consistent in their preparation, whether it’s listening to the same music, or whatever, I think we all just try to feel comfortable and relaxed leading up to game time.”

With the Southern Conference Basketball Tournament just one month away, the upcoming games are crucial. Staying focused, motivated, and playing well are the top priorities for the team.

Stokes said that, “The team stays motivated by wanting to finish the year number one in the league, wanting to win a ring, and wanting to go to the NCAA tournament.”

The Southern Conference Basketball Tournaments start March 7 and the NCAA Tournament starts March 16 with Selection Sunday. The Mocs, with or without their superstitions, are expected to play great and finish the season strong.

Photos by Dale Rutemeyer

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