Fencing Club offers unique experience at UTC

By Sarah Lord


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (UTC/The Loop) – The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga hosts and teaches traditional style fencing matches at the ARC.

This small club meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm inside the Aerobics Room on the first floor.

Any UTC student is welcome to join and equipment is provided for use. Students should bring tennis shoes and pants with them if they wish to fence.

President of the Fencing Club, Matthew Curvin, encouraged any student interested in joining to come and try it out. “Anybody is welcome to join fencing club even though it is outside of UTC,” Curvin said.

Click here to listen to Matthew Curvin talk about Fencing Club

Abby Norcross said that the fencing club helps her to relieve daily stresses of college life. “I still go to fencing because it’s a very good stress relief after school and it’s a good way to make friends,” Norcross said.

The charge to join the club is 20 dollars but first time students are invited to try fencing free of charge.


5 People Found Dead in Rural Indiana

By Sarah Lord


LAUREL, Ind. (UTC/The Loop) — Some of the five people found dead at two homes in rural southeast Indiana had been shot, and autopsies to confirm the cause of death are planned for Monday, state police said.

Police said it was not clear if any suspects remained on the loose or were among the dead, and warned residents of the sparsely populated, wooded area near the town of Laurel to be careful.

“We have five dead people and we’re trying to find out how they died,” said Sgt. Jerry Goodin, spokesman for the Indiana State Police. “Some of the victims had gunshot wounds, or what appear to be gunshot wounds.”

The Marion County coroner’s office in Indianapolis was scheduled to perform autopsies Monday.

Police did not immediately release the identities of the victims, pending notification of family members. Goodwin said Sunday he did not know “if the shooter or shooters could be among the deceased.”

A multi-agency investigation into the killings began after the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call Sunday afternoon about a child wandering along a road near Laurel, about 50 miles southeast of Indianapolis, according to a state police statement.

A deputy spoke with the child and neighbors, then called for backup to search the two homes. Police found a dead male inside a recreational vehicle and the bodies of two males and two females at the other home across the street. The statement didn’t say if the dead were adults.

Goodin told The Associated Press that it was too early in the investigation to rule out the possibility that one or more suspects were on the loose and cautioned neighbors until that could be clarified.

“They should be vigilant,” Goodin said. “They need to make sure they keep the doors locked. If they see any suspicious people, absolutely they should dial 911.