Think B4U Drink

By: MariahBrooks

Don’t  underestimate how many drinks is one too many. Many people get behind the wheel before it is too late jeopardizing their life and others. There are tips to manage how much you drink so you wont be a threat behind the wheel.

CHATTANOOGA, Tn (UTC/The Loop)-  Here is a scenario that many people face everyday. Today is Jimmy 21st Birthday he is out with his friends celebrating and going to different bars. He has had too many drinks, but feels that he could make it home because it is not far. He leaves his friends and gets in his car and as he leaves the parking lot and hits another car.

One too many drinks

Although this is just a simple scenario, this happens a lot in reality. The average Blood Alcohol content (BAC) that cause fatal car crashes is .16. At this level for a female driving skills are significantly affected  and for males this is consider legally intoxicated. Therefore after 4 or 5 drinks driving skills are impaired and presumed dangerous.

A lot of times when people are out drinking they don’t realize when they have reached their limit. It is very important to know your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), websites like B4Udrink Educator educate those of drinking age on factors to consider before you drink. There is also accessible usage, where  cell phones user can download.

After finding out your BAC, you must make sure you maintain it in order to get behind a wheel. While drinking at a bar or friends house make sure you space  out drinks. It is okay to have a soda or a non- alcoholic beverage in between. This will  keep Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) levels down according to Alcohol Problems and Solutions. Eating is also another way to manage BAC. Foods that are high in protein for example meats or peanut butter,  are very good for absorption of alcohol. Another tip to consider when out drinking, is if you don’t know what it is don’t drink it. Unfamiliar alcohol can be difficult to judge if you’re not use to drinking it, so if you know you have to drive now is not a good time to experiment with different alcoholic beverages.

The effect of not knowing your BAC

Driving while under the influence have severe legal consequences, but the worst consequence of all is taking your life or someone else. If you know cant drive call a taxi, or have a friend drive you. Limit your drinks and only carry enough cash with  you that will not have you over your limit. Always remember to drink responsibly.