Swine Flu Vaccine arrives in Chattanooga

Chattanooga (UTC/ TheLoop)- The first shipments of the H1N1 vaccine for Chattanooga are here and available to the public free of charge, according to the Chattanooga Health Department.

Vaccines, the easy way.

Vaccines, the easy way.

CHD received nearly 4000 doses of the vaccine in parts and plan to receive more in coming weeks. This batch is only the first part of the vaccine administered in a nose spray. The next shipments will be in a traditional needle form. All vaccines received at a CHD clinic are free of charge as the federal government bought the entire supply.

There have been reports of confusion over the introduction of the nose spray, but CHD spokesperson Jennifer Yim says there is little to worry about with this new vaccine.

“The same manufacturing processes and licensing processes have taken place for this new vaccine as the seasonal flu vaccine year after year,” says Yim. “The only difference is that this is a new strain, had it been identified earlier, it would have gone in the seasonal vaccine.”

The nose spray is just one form of delivering vaccine, but two doses (the recommended amount for children) can be administered in shot form, says Angela Frame, acting director of the CHD vaccination clinic. She says this is good in case someone doesn’t qualify for the nose spray such as children with asthma.

Priority groups for the vaccine have been identified and young children from six months to four years old are being singled out, but both Yim and Frame are urging anyone who qualifies to recieve the vaccine as soon as possible.