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This example uses the Default Newsletter post template, and has 2 child stories.  Here is some generic placeholder text for you. We hope you like this new feature of UTC Blogs.

Keep the content simple: don’t use styling beyond bold and italic, or basic Headings. Why? Because wild styles may display poorly in email clients.

Child story 1

This is a child story; the main story is set as the Parent, via the Attributes box in the WordPress editor. This story has a featured image, displayed to the left of the title and content in desktop browsers. On a phone, the image should display above the content.

Child story 2

This story is another child of the main story. It does not have a featured image, so the content is displayed over the full width of the column. However, you can place images inside the content of the story, as show below:

Mountain Biking...

Mountain Biking…

Remember to choose the Parent via the Attributes box.

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