Doug Sansom

Doug Sansom, Craft Specialist III, Campus Recreation, handles maintenance issues or problems that may arise in the Aquatics and Recreation Center.   He’s been a busy guy!  According to Caesar Wood, Director of Campus Recreation, Sansom worked nearly seven days a week, even weekends to ensure the ARC pool rehab project was completed as soon as possible.  ”His dedication to give up his time on Saturdays and Sundays to work with the contractors is above and beyond what is expected and he never did complain one minute!” exclaimed Wood. 

One particular problem took Sansom’s creative powers.  “The contractors who re-plastered the pool did not install the hand rails and they were having problems getting these installed with the water in the pool.  So Doug came up with a very creative way to get them installed correctly and safely!  He used some engine pliers with a needle nose end and used his snorkel abilities with a wrench to get these installed.  If you could be here to see it–it was impressive on how he was able to get the job done.  His ability to think creatively and get the job done for the safety of our students should be commended.

 Doug and friends

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Again, Thank You So Much For All The Hard Work