ARC Fitness will be offering an 8-week triathlon-geared training course to all ARC members, beginning on June 9th.  The program will prepare people mentally and physically for competing in the Sportsbarn Sprint 2014 on August 10th.


The Sportsbarn Sprint is an annual “sprint” triathlon consisting of a 0.25-mile swimming course in Lake Chickamauga, 8.2 miles of “flat and fast” biking and a 2-mile run.


The triathlon hosted 365 competitors last year, men and women between ages of 9 and 69, with last year’s winner clocking in just under 40 minutes.  A spokesperson for Sportsbarn said they are anticipating close to 600 competitors this year.


Heading the program is Assistant Director of Campus Recreation’s Fitness Program Lindsay Manning-Hyden, who has taught the course and competed in the Sportsbarn Sprint the past three years.


The training class costs $25.  This includes:


-physical training sessions twice a week,

-informal meetings on how to train,

-a Tri-Training Team tee shirt,

-refreshments at the end of each session,

-and maybe other surprise goodies.


For $10 more, a hybrid bike can be rented for the entire eight week course and race.  There is a limit of 20 spots available for the course, so email Lindsay at


Cost for the race is $50 per competitor if registered before August 6th and $55 afterwards.  More information and registration itself can be found here.  Note: there is no “day of” registration, so register online early.


The race starts 7 a.m., so be sure to carb load the night before, and good luck to all triathletes!