It seems that every few months, regardless of what industry you work in, we are bombarded with a new set of buzzwords or key phrases that some how seem to “revolutionize” the industry.  Phrases like “think outside the box”….”it is what it is”…. and “synergy” are used to the point of ad nauseam and often times fail to actually communicate anything meaningful.


If you work in any of the Health Profession areas you may have heard a relatively new buzzword being used…..”Inter-professional Collaboration”.  Inter-professional Collaboration is a “partnership between a team of health providers and a client in a participatory collaborative and coordinated approach to shared decision making around health and social issues” (1).  The  goal of Inter-professional Collaboration is to create and ensure a patient centered environment and approach to health care.

Inter-professional Collaboration has become so important, that many educational institutions have adopted a philosophy of Inter-professional Education.  Inter-professional Education curriculum is designed to teach students  not only the importance of Inter-professional collaboration, but also how to most effectively utilize and implement this collaboration to ensure the highest quality of patient care possible.

At the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, our goal is to help move Inter-professional Collaboration away from overused “buzzword” status and help make it the new norm.


(1) Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative. A national interprofessional competency framework. February 2010. Available from:


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