I had the opportunity to work with a group of 6th-8th graders on health education through a COMPASS grant during my summer semester. This experience was at the Boys and Girls Club of Chattanooga on June 16, 2015. The group of adolescents was quite lively and rambunctious but was also bright and receptive to the lesson plan. We discussed the importance of eating 5 or more fruits and vegetables everyday, what a serving size actually is, and to not be afraid to try new fruits and vegetables. The adolescents were quite interactive, openly discussed their favorite and least favorite fruits and vegetables. We played several games including bingo, and a team relay game for a physically active game. Most of the children seemed to enjoy the opportunity and were admittedly surprised how easy it can be to incorporate 5 fruits and vegetables into their daily diets. The long-standing dilemma of whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable was debated and one adolescent found an article on his phone and read it aloud to the group. It was a challenging educational setting with the level of energy and the large size of the group; however, the once the energy was used in an interactive forum it was more useful than distracting. This opportunity was educational to me as a nurse practitioner student to have an experience to share a teaching curriculum with other UTC students and disciplines. We had to work as an interdisciplinary team to engage this group at a level to successfully deliver the learning curriculum. It was a tremendous example of how each discipline must work together to reach a common goal.

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