Sequatchie County Middle Schools have limited resources that promote balancing skills for students; therefore, the Super Eight Balance Beam was created.  The beam is designed so that the therapist of Sequatchie County can disassemble the beam and transport it to another school to use. 


The customer is a therapist from Sequatchie County, and she came to Signal Center with her problem.  Her students lack competent balancing skills, and she is seeking therapy equipment that will help promote her students’ balancing skills.


The beam is assembled by color-coded pieces due to the different diameter pegs. The user can assemble the beam however they desire. The only thing the user must do is make sure that the correct colored peg is inserted into the correct colored connector. After a piece is inserted, the beam can then rotate and connect to another beam to create the desired design. Once the beam is assembled, users can practice their balancing skills to improve their balance.