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Computational Science Student of the Month – Weiyang “Ryan” Lin

I was born in Zhejiang, China, to parents, Zhenxiong Lin and Yuqian Huang. I was the youngest of five children, after four older sisters. As a teenager I had broad interests in mathematics, science, literature, and basketball. In college, I narrowed my interests to mathematics and chose the major of Information and Computing Science. There I was exposed to interdisciplinary studies of applied mathematics, computer science and statistics. There I also met Chao “Jessica” Wu, who became my wife later in 2012, after two years and seven months of cross-Pacific relationship while I pursued graduate study

Inspiring success: Dean Daniel Pack visits Engineering Management students

Dean Daniel Pack spoke with ETEM 1000 Engineering Management Seminar students on September 9, 2016, on how to succeed in their program and careers. “It’s helpful and encouraging for students to meet and interact with the Dean of the college and department heads at early levels of their four-year programs,” said Dr. Aldo McLean, assistant professor of Engineering Management and instructor of the course. Asking the students questions and

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