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Dr. Ed McMahon visits the Engineering Management Seminar class

The ETEM 1000 – Engineering Management Seminar class was proud to host Dr. McMahon, Professor Emeritus and Interim Dept. Head for the Engineering Management & Technology department. The students embarked on a journey via Dr. McMahon’s perspective of the evolution of technology.  From his first mechanical calculator, the Friden electromechanical calculator, and his first interaction with a personal computer to where computers and technology are today, gave him a

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Students Discuss the “Power of Why” with Deb Hansford

On Friday, October 16, Deb Hansford spoke about the “Power of Why” to students in the ETEM 1000 Engineering Management Seminar course. The objective of the course, according to Dr. Aldo McLean, assistant professor of Engineering Management and instructor of the class, is to encourage students to continue pursuing their degree in engineering technology management and to motivate them for success in their careers. Hansford is a friend and

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