The ETEM 1000 – Engineering Management Seminar class was proud to host Dr. McMahon, Professor Emeritus and Interim Dept. Head for the Engineering Management & Technology department. The students embarked on a journey via Dr. McMahon’s perspective of the evolution of technology.  From his first mechanical calculator, the Friden electromechanical calculator, and his first interaction with a personal computer to where computers and technology are today, gave him a genuine appreciation for technology development from a student’s point of view.

Dr. McMahon’s strong innovative spirit and passion for sharing his knowledge had a direct and lasting impact on the students. A signature of his leadership is his commitment to make the Engineering Management & Technology department lead and supply professionals in technology management. Dr. McMahon reminded students “you will need to learn how to apply new technologies to problems and improve performance” and that they “must be willing to learn on your own” in this new era.  He also stressed that 2015 is their start but “where will technology take you” or “where will you take you”, are yet to be seen.

Dr. Aldo McLean, Assistant Professor of Engineering Management, is the instructor in this course with the help of Maryam Ghorashi, Graduate Student Assistant in Engineering Management. The ETEM 1000 Engineering Management Seminar 1 is a course designed to help students meet and network with their faculty at early stages of their college education.  Other objectives of the course include fostering a greater understanding of engineering technology principles as well as understanding the basic requisites for success in their careers.

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