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CECS Students and Faculty Tour VW Plant This Fall

Volkswagen Group of America has been part of American culture since the first Beetle arrived more than six decades ago. With the 2008 announcement of the assembly plant location in our area and the production of vehicles beginning in April 2011, Chattanooga, CECS, and VW have become integral partners in the economic and technological expansion of the region. Throughout that nine year partnership, VW has literally opened its doors to

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Dr. Ed McMahon visits the Engineering Management Seminar class

The ETEM 1000 – Engineering Management Seminar class was proud to host Dr. McMahon, Professor Emeritus and Interim Dept. Head for the Engineering Management & Technology department. The students embarked on a journey via Dr. McMahon’s perspective of the evolution of technology.  From his first mechanical calculator, the Friden electromechanical calculator, and his first interaction with a personal computer to where computers and technology are today, gave him a

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Interim Dean visits to welcome students majoring in Engineering Management and Construction Management

Dedication, Passion, Generous spirit: These are three of the collective descriptions resonating about Dr. Neslihan Alp after her recent visit to students in the ETEM 1000 Engineering Management Seminar 1.  Dr. Alp is the Interim Dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science at UTC. Dr. Alp stopped by to welcome the sophomore and junior students majoring in Engineering Management and Construction Management. These programs are close to her heart since she is

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