maryamblogpicDedication, Passion, Generous spirit: These are three of the collective descriptions resonating about Dr. Neslihan Alp after her recent visit to students in the ETEM 1000 Engineering Management Seminar 1.  Dr. Alp is the Interim Dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science at UTC. Dr. Alp stopped by to welcome the sophomore and junior students majoring in Engineering Management and Construction Management. These programs are close to her heart since she is the developer of both the undergraduate and graduate level for Construction Management and has provided the leadership that has allowed Engineering Management to absolutely flourish since its accreditation in 2012.

She reminded the students how critically important it is to stay on track and choose the right courses via the sound advice of university counselors and advisers.  Further, she made it clear that the long-term success of the program was reliant on constructive input and insight from the students. This has set the stage for collaboration within the entire department and student body. Dr. Alp’s qualifications and credentials are beyond impressive. Her level of engagement and empathy made the most impact on students during her visit.  Dr. Aldo McLean teaches this course with help of Maryam Ghorashi, graduate assistant of Engineering Management. The ETEM 1000 – Engineering Management Seminar is a course to help student for a greater understanding of engineering technology management and what is needed to succeed after college.

Maryam Ghorashi

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