Pictured left to right: Lexi Johnson, Barbara Musgrave, Anna Kate Tenpenny, Caleb Stevin, Calvin Robinson, and Trevor Purham. Not pictured Rickevious Johnson, SC Team Leader and tour organizer.

Volkswagen Group of America has been part of American culture since the first Beetle arrived more than six decades ago. With the 2008 announcement of the assembly plant location in our area and the production of vehicles beginning in April 2011, Chattanooga, CECS, and VW have become integral partners in the economic and technological expansion of the region. Throughout that nine year partnership, VW has literally opened its doors to the students and faculty of CECS. As the world’s first and only Platinum LEED Certified Auto Manufacturing Facility, and the employer of a workforce of 3,000, the Chattanooga plant is of particular interest to our students as they consider internship and post-graduation employment options. The College also has partnerships with area suppliers to VW including Gestamp and Yangfeng corportations.

In recent weeks, two different CECS student groups have visited the VW facility to take the 90 minute tour of the robotics labs and line production areas.  Organized by Associate Professor of Engineering Technology Management Dr. Aldo McLean and Junior Chemical Engineering major Reed Boeger, the CECS students touring the plant learned about innovations in VW’s manufacture of the Atlas model SUV and Passat sedan.

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