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Engineering Management Students Tour Amazon Fulfillment Center

Eighteen students had the opportunity to tour the local fulfillment center of e-commerce giant Amazon on February 4, 2016. Dr. Aldo McLean organized the tour as part of his Logistics Management and Value Engineering courses, and invited students in Engineering Management Design and Material Management to join as well. Serving as a more hands-on learning activity, the tour helps students tangibly relate the engineering and management skills they learn

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Dr. Ed McMahon visits the Engineering Management Seminar class

The ETEM 1000 – Engineering Management Seminar class was proud to host Dr. McMahon, Professor Emeritus and Interim Dept. Head for the Engineering Management & Technology department. The students embarked on a journey via Dr. McMahon’s perspective of the evolution of technology.  From his first mechanical calculator, the Friden electromechanical calculator, and his first interaction with a personal computer to where computers and technology are today, gave him a

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