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Outstanding Graduating Seniors: Spring 2019

Three “Outstanding Graduating Seniors,” Jacque Scott, Daniel Ortega, and Jeremy “JB” Beck, are honored this Spring. Passionate about their work, present in class, active in the department, excelling in their studies, this year’s “OGS” are worthy role models for rising English students. Jacque: Creative Writing Jacque seems to naturally excel: “I have always loved reading and writing.” Even as a child, Jacque recounts how she “wanted was a small

Alum Spotlight: Rachel (Sauls) Wright, “Don’t Worry, Your English Degrees Will be Useful”

Rachel (Sauls) Wright’s academic and professional success, as well as her growing list of accomplishments, offers a convincing rebuttal to the unfortunately common criticism of English degrees. Wright has answered the “what do you plan to do with that English degree?” question by becoming a prolific writer and holding the Internal Communications & Media Relations Manager position at Mohawk Industries, a S&P 500 company. Dedicated to her undergraduate studies

The Take on ‘Take Five’

In a politically, morally, and emotionally divided and diverse social climate, the obvious thematic choice, according to Dr. Aaron Shaheen, the Take Five coordinator for this Spring’s  Take Five book club meetings and discussions, had to be ‘frontiers and borders.’ If you’ve never attended the book club, “‘Take Five’ refers to the five different books chosen by the five different UTC faculty who present them. These books all center