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2016 Service Award Honorees

For the past 35 years staff and faculty have been celebrated for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Recipients will be honored at the Annual Service Awards Program with a luncheon on November 22 at 11:30 in the Tennessee Room of the University Center. Read MORE…

Faculty and Staff Achievements spring 2015

Dee Dee Anderson, Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Development Presented two presentations at the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators held in March. The presentations were entitled: Strategic Planning for Student Affairs and Associate Vice Presidents Roundtable Discussion. Was elected to chair the 2016 National Association of Student Personnel Administrators Associate Vice President Preconference session. Susan J. Barlow, Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy Peer reviewed poster presentation for Neurology section at

Faculty and Staff Achievements Fall 2014

Abdollah Arabshahi, Research Professor, Computational Engineering Student Graduated: Mr. Ross Gruetzemacher Master of Science: Computational Engineering Thesis Title: “Numerical Simulation of Human Breathing and Particle Transport Through a CT-Based Pulmonary Airway Geometry” Chairperson: Dr. Abdollah Arabshahi Publications: Gruetzemacher, R., Arabshahi, A., and Sreenivas, K.,”Numerical Simulation of Airflow in a CT-based Human Airway Model With Physiologically Appropriate Boundary Conditions,” Poster Presentation within the Respiratory Bioengineering Track, Biomedical Engineering Society Annual

Faculty and Staff Achievements Summer 2014

Nesli Alp, Interim Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science Paper entitled “Creating a Plan for Building Information Modeling”published at the Portland International Center for Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET) 2014 Conference proceedings. Paper entitled “Using Industry-Sponsored Projects to Improve Outcomes”is accepted for presentation and publication at the 2014 International Annual Conference of the American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM) Conference in Virginia Beach, VA on October 15-18,

Faculty and Staff Achievements Spring 2014

Titus Albu, Assistant Professor, Chemistry Presented “Theoretical studies of hydrogen abstraction reactions from hydrofluoroethanes” at Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Atlanta, GA, November 12-16, 2013. Presented “Fluorescence and electrophoresis studies on lysozyme modifications induced by p-benzoquinone” at Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Atlanta, GA, November 12-16, 2013. Deborah Elwell Arfken, Director and Professor, University Planning; Political Science, Public Administration, Nonprofit Management Served as

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