Lecture Capture

Service Description: Mediasite is a presentation tool that allows instructors to make live digital recordings of lectures or presentations. Students can view the presentation over the internet in real-time and/or can access the presentation for viewing at a later date.

Various media inputs, including video, audio and lecture slides, can be incorporated into one file that can be recorded for further review or streamed live for real time, off-site attendance. Through course management software, faculty members can distribute recorded lectures so students can be view at a later date.

Aliases: MediaSite, lecture capture
Audience: Faculty, students

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To Request Service: Contact the Help Desk by phone at (423) 425-4000, by email at clientservices@utc.edu, or by submitting a ticket online at https://helpdesk.utc.edu.
Documentation (URL):  For more information, visit https://www.utc.edu/walker-center-teaching-learning/classroom-technology/mediasite.php
Support Contact: Help Desk and Systems Administration Team


Service Levels: This service is available 24/7 except during planned periods of maintenance and scheduled updates. Support is available during normal UTC business hours.
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Service Status/Phase:  Production


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