Email and Collaboration Tools (Faculty and Staff)

Service Description: All faculty and staff have an email address on our Microsoft Exchange server. The Microsoft Exchange server allows faculty and staff to have a calendar to use for collaboration. Outlook is the supported email client for checking email. You can also access your email and calendar from any web browser by logging into MocsNet. All smart phones and tablets that have Active or Corporate Sync or Microsoft Exchange connector will be able to connect to our email servers and have access to email, contacts, tasks and calendars.

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the e-mail, calendaring and groupware systems at UTC. Multiple programs can be used to connect to this system to retrieve and send e-mail as well as use the calendaring features. The applications are available by desktop clients, mobile clients and using most web browsers.

Productivity and Collaboration Services
  • Document Sharing and Team Sites
  • Google Apps
Aliases: Office, Outlook, Exchange, Email
Audience: All employees

Get Help

To Request Service: Contact the Help Desk by phone at (423) 425-4000, by email at, or by submitting a ticket online at

To request an additional email account, faculty, staff, departments and organizations can visit: Email Request.

Documentation (URL):

Support Contact:


Service Levels: This service is available 24/7 except during planned periods of maintenance and scheduled updates. Support is available during normal UTC business hours.
Service Requirements: Faculty and staff have access to all applications. Students have access to Microsoft applications except for email.
Service Status/Phase: Production


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