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Over 200 New Journals from SpringerNature!

UTC Library now has access to over 200 new journals from SpringerNature. Subjects covered include psychology, life sciences, business, chemistry, education, engineering, literature/cultural studies, medicine, political science, and more! Some highlights include: The Computer Games Journal Eating and Weight Disorders – Studies on Anorexia, Bulimia and Obesity Global Social Welfare Journal of Brand Management Latino Studies Explore Title List Access SpringerNature Search Journals A-Z

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Fiction from MUSE!

UTC Library has access to 250+ literary ebooks from Project MUSE Titles include poetry, novels, themed anthologies, creative nonfiction, memoirs, letters, and more! Deaf American Prose: 1980-2010 The Forbidden: Poems from Iran and its Exiles The Kentucky Trace: A Novel of the American Revolution by Harriette Simpson Arnow Appalachian Elegy: Poetry and Place by bell hooks An American Girl in the Hawaiian Islands: Letters of Carrie Prudence Winter, 1890-1893

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China: From Empire to Republic

China: From Empire to Republic enables you to delve into Chinese history with primary source articles, photos, and more from 1817 to 1949. Covering topics like the Opium Wars, Boxing Rebellion, and Christian missions, this database is ideal for studying Chinese history and culture. Titles of interest include: The China Year Book, published from 1912 to 1939, provided information to Westerners about each year’s events and goings-on in China.

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An inside look at the Associated Press organization!

Reaching more than 1,700 newspapers and over 5,000 television and radio stations, the Associated Press has become the mainstay in American journalism. For 170 years, Americans have relied on their skilled staff of reporters and photographers to cover some of the most important events in the United States and around the world. Now, it’s possible to get a behind-the-scenes look on how these stories were crafted thanks to the

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Sunday Times of London Historical Archive

Let it be impressed upon your minds, let it be instilled into your children, that the LIBERTY OF THE PRESS is the PALLADIUM of all the Civil, Political and RELIGIOUS RIGHTS of an ENGLISHMAN. With these words, The Sunday Times launched on 20th October 1822, promising to instill “an invigorating spirit” in its readership, and uphold the freedom of the press against those “emperors, kings, and their ministers” who

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