One of the sub-areas of leadership that I have had a side interest in over the years is how leadership is manifested in religious organizations. From time to time I have conducted research in this area. Below, you can access research papers I have presented and published on this topic as well as applications of that research for leaders to assist them in leading their congregations.

Academic Research

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Mendenhall, M.E., Ehat, A. W., Academy of Management, “Collaborative leadership in TMTs in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1844-present,” San Antonio, TX. (August 2011). Note: Winner of the Sage Leadership Paper Award, Management History Division of the Academy of Management, San Antonio, 2011.

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Applications for Leaders

Mendenhall, M.E., Gregersen, H.B., O’Driscoll, J., Swinton, H., & England, B. (eds.) (2010).  Joseph and Hyrum: Leading as one.  Provo, UT:  Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University. Read the book online here  Chapters from the book in pdf format can be downloaded here

Selected Chapters from the above book that I wrote (with co-authors):