Date: June 24, 2015


Incident Number: 15-003666


Location: Patten House, Vine Street at Palmetto


Beginning immediately, both the entrance to Lot 18 and the north entrance to Patten house from the Lot 18 side of the building are closed. 


Patten House is one of the oldest and most historic buildings on campus.  Currently it serves as home to both Alumni Services and the University Club and as a meeting space for campus activities.


Some structural problems have been detected with the portico which has always served as the main entrance to this building.


Due to these problems it has become necessary to take several steps to ensure everyone’s safety.


  • We are closing the building entrances on the Lot 18 side of the building.


  • We are blocking off the portico and the area around it.


  • The entrance and exit to lot 18 will also be close.  Lot 18 patrons will be given temporary parking in other locations.


  • We are also canceling, postponing, or relocating events which were scheduled in the building.



Engineers have assessed the building and at this time there are no problems other than the portico entrance.  A decision will be made in the near future as to how to best correct these problems.  In the meantime, please be aware of this change and, for you safety, please avoid this area.



Jim Pulliam


UT Chattanooga

Office of Safety & Risk Management

615 McCallie Avenue

Chattanooga, TN 37403

P – 423-425-5209

F – 423-425-2176