Incident 15-004844




The University will be testing the UTC-ALERT system on Wednesday, August 26th at 11:55 AM


What is the UTC-ALERT system?


This “multipath” system is used to provide information during emergencies and events which significantly impact campus operations.


How we send information to you depends on the urgency of the situation.  The most urgent information is sent via text messages which are used in only four conditions:


  1. A dangerous event is affecting the campus and you need to take action
  2. Updates to ongoing events
  3. Notices that an event has been resolved and we are returning to normal operations
  4. Events which require the University to make significant changes in our operating schedule, including changes due to snow or other severe weather.


How can I get UTC-ALERT text messages?


Our text messages system is “opt in”.  You have to tell us you want to receive the messages.  If you would like to get the UTC-ALERT text messages you can sign up at  .  You will need your UTC-ID to sign up.  While the system is free you should remember that your cell phone carrier will charge any fees they normally charge for you to receive text messages.  If you want to keep your family posted as well you can have the message sent to two additional phone numbers.


If your first language is not English you can also instruct the system to send you the messages in your own language.


If you want more information on the UTC-ALERT system visit us at


And for more information on how you can prepare yourself, your family, and your campus to cope with emergencies, visit us at


If you have other questions contact us at