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Hazardous Roads, Hazardous Driving Conditions

Let’s face it.  We don’t face snowy roads very often in Chattanooga.  Treacherous driving conditions can occur suddenly, but if you are already on the road that radio announcer’s advice to stay at home comes a bit late!  What do you do? First, the usual techniques don’t always apply when driving in snowy conditions.  Familiarize yourself with the proper ways to navigate hazardous road conditions by studying these tips

When the Power Goes Out: Ways to Be Safe and Warm

A winter storm hits.  The power goes out, and you are already starting to feel the cold creep under the door.  You worry about the food in your fridge.  You won’t be able to go out until the streets are clear.  Now what?  Trapped, cold, hungry and, even scarier, your cell’s charge is running low! Don’t panic.  Usually, power outages don’t last long, but the wait can seem like

Tennessee State Fire Marshall Urges Safe Use of Space Heaters

Portable Heater Safety is Crucial During Winter’s Coldest Months! The arrival of single-digit weather in Tennessee this week is prompting the State Fire Marshal’s Office to remind residents to stay safe when using portable heaters in their homes.  “We cannot stress enough the importance of following safety precautions when using portable space heating devices in your home,” said State Fire Marshal Julie Mix McPeak. “Keeping fire safety in mind

Skywarn© Training Being Offered at UTC

From the desk of Tim Pridemore, Emergency Management Specialist: The good news is, from today, January 6, 2015, it is only seventy-three days till Spring!  That is seventy-three days (and yes, it can still snow after the first day of Spring) for us to watch the Winter weather. The bad news is, April 1 starts the peak season for tornadoes.  And yes, the Scenic City does have tornadoes.  As

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