Finance for the Future Initiative took 17 of students and a faculty member to Atlanta to visit the Federal Reserve Bank and the Coca-Cola Company on February 1, 2013. At the Federal Reserve they had a guided tour through actual artifacts of form of money since the beginning of time, then visited exhibits about the Federal Open Market Committee and how monetary policy is decided. They ended the tour with looking at exampled of counterfeit money and the comparison with real bills and could see the differences. The Director of Customer Relationship Management, Victor Sanchez, took the group on a tour of the Coca-Cola Company, presenting the history of Coke and showing different spaces in the facility.

Visiting students and faculty happily drinking Coca-Cola.

Visiting students and faculty happily drinking Coca-Cola.

Here’s what the group had to say:

 “I enjoyed the experience very much and I am sure the students received a great deal of enrichment from the experience as well!  Trips of this kind are essential to helping student build their ability to network and to understand the goals and context for which they have worked so hard.”  – Eric Ditman, Adjunct Professor

“It was nice to see how professionals daily apply what we learn in the classrooms.” COB Student

“I enjoyed learning how the Federal Reserve functions on a daily basis and finding out about their internship program.” COB Student

“The people who went, the people we met, and the experience we had will be something we discuss for the next couple weeks. The Federal Reserve was interactive, and Coca-Cola headquarters had a wealth of knowledge to share with us. Sign me up for the next one!” COB Student

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