Four UTC Finance students are in New York City this summer to intern at Galtere, Ltd, the commodities-focused hedge fund of Renee Haugerud. Ms. Haugerud’s support established the Galtere Institute: Finance for the Future Initiative at UTC’s College of Business.  The Institute’s mission is to promote the art and science of trading and investing.

The blog posts are sent from our interns in New York as they are put to work at a global asset hedge fund and explore the city.  Check in during the next few weeks to learn more about their experiences.

posted by Nicole Koegel, UTC Finance Major

This summer there are a total of seven interns at Galtere: four from UTC, one from UNC, one from Colorado University, and one from Samford University. We spend our days researching EVERYTHING!  We are each responsible for a paper portfolio of $100M in addition to group projects. Our positions need to be from a macro perspective across multiple asset classes, so research is very important.

There is a varied knowledge base within this group which helps the diversity of ideas and conversation. The collaboration between all of us is enlightening and helpful. The ability to talk out ideas and help teach one another has proven to be strength. It has enabled us to be confident in our thought process and take positions on themes and trades accordingly.

During the first week we had three guest speakers:

  1. A Foreign Exchange trader from Barclays
  2. A trader from Galtere Ltd.
  3.  An analyst from Queen Anne’s Gate Capital

The knowledge and experience they have shared with us is priceless. This kind of information goes well beyond the text book and we are able to witness the industry in action. We have been given a multitude of books/articles to read which play into the behavioral finance and gender trading side of the industry. A good of mix of men and women on a trading desk is important due to the different approaches and perspectives each have to offer about the market.

We also visited the Bloomberg office and WOW! Their office is massive and the building layout is phenomenal. The people who taught our session actually work at the Bloomberg help desk. It was cool to be able to see the faces behind the help desk.

We have definitely been experiencing the city outside of the office. It is a whole different world up here and opportunities really do happen anywhere. We have met some great people who live and work here. This truly has been a rich learning experience and I look forward to the upcoming weeks.

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