A Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants (TSCPA)  scholarship was recently awarded to a UTC Accounting student for the 3rd consecutive year. The 2017 scholarship recipient, Katie Maxwell, was awarded the $25,000 Calvin & Jean King Award which focuses on the leadership qualities and financial need of the student.

Katie is currently an accounting student in the College of Business while also working several jobs, including an accounting internship with The Vincit Group, a local sanitation and industrial manufacturing company.

When asked about her time so far at UTC, Katie responded “I would say the best thing about my time at UTC is the support I have received from my professors. I feel very comfortable around all of my professors and I can tell that they really want to see me succeed. The famous words of Amie Haun (UTC Accounting Lecturer) ‘No Pain, No Gain‘ have taken me a long way, and will continue to do so.”

“I originally started as a finance major because I enjoy working on my personal financial growth and helping others achieve theirs. While taking Principles of Accounting 1, I realized that I was naturally good at understanding the accounting concepts and I enjoyed going home to do my homework every day. Ultimately, I made the decision to change majors because Amie Haun persuaded me into it, but I am glad that she did. She later talked me into double majoring in accounting and finance and I have enjoyed my core classes in both so far”, said Katie.

This is the third year that the TSCPA King Scholarship has been awarded to a UTC student. Previous recipients were Madison Gaither and Heather Murray.

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