Decosimo Success Center Student Lounge

The Joseph F. Decosimo Success Center in the College of Business has developed a Business Career Success Track by grade level for students to use as a guide throughout their education. Students have a table to view by grade level with a to-do list to help them prepare for what is to come after graduation. For example, Freshmen students are required to complete two Career Development Touch Points focusing on exploring business majors and personal career development. Senior students are advised to secure an internship, network face-to-face with professional associations, refine their resumes and hone in on interview performance skills.

Sue Culpepper, Director, Joseph F. Decosimo Success Center

Sue Culpepper, Director of the Decosimo Success Center, says “Success revolves around good planning. It’s like a vacation – you plan your route, your hotel, your restaurants, and entertainment to have the best experience. Success in your career is the very same! You discover your field of interest, plan your academic route, take advantage of professional development opportunities, and seek an internship for experience. The resulting experience will provide you with the tools and knowledge to have a career you love!”

The Decosimo Success Center, on the 2nd Floor of Fletcher Hall, is a one-stop shop that provides academic advising, experiential learning opportunities and career development assistance. The staff is focused on helping individuals make the most of their academic opportunities and finding ways to apply their knowledge in the business world.

“We believe higher education is an investment and we hope to help the members of the College of Business community become ‘business-world ready’ and yield tangible returns. Through authentic engagement, we empower individuals to progress confidently toward graduation, take strides in professional development, and launch meaningful business careers.”

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