Join us Friday, Oct. 27 at Noon for

READMISSION ANALYTICS: Care Transformation Through Innovation and Analytics

Presented by Mohan Tanniru, Ph.D., Prof of MIS, Oakland University, Rochester, MI

Join us in Fletcher Hall, Room 305 for lunch and a presentation by Dr. Tanniru in the first W. Max Finley Chair for Excellence Seminar Series of the 2017-18 academic year. This seminar and lunch are provided FREE of charge, but please RSVP if you plan to attend.

Health care providers face multiple challenges such as improving patient satisfaction, operating with reduced reimbursements, and reducing frequent readmissions. Care providers who address these challenges independently often miss opportunities to look at patient care holistically. Influenced by clinical environment within the hospital, care coordination requires collaboration across several care coordinators and use of IT/analytics. By viewing the system of patient care through the readmission lens and applying some of the templates discussed under Systematic Inventive Thinking: SIT (Inside the Box), this presentation looks at several innovative approaches used to address patient care both inside and outside the hospital walls. A number of case studies are used to highlight the role of information technology and analytics.

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