Spring 2018 Resume Week in the Decosimo Success Center

At the start of every semester, the Joseph F. Decosimo Success Center (DSC) dedicates a full week to assisting College of Business students polish their resumes. Business community members from prominent Chattanooga and regional companies are invited to take over the Fletcher Hall student lounge and lend students their expertise by giving their resumes a thorough “once-over”.

While providing advice to make these documents more attractive to employers, these events also give students an opportunity to network with some of the gatekeepers of these great organizations. Additionally, students have the chance to drop by to get their resume reviewed by members of the career development staff for several days before and after the event.

Irene Hillman, DSC Career Development Manager, says:

“Resumes are typically the first impression you get to make with an employer. That’s why we bring in the experts – hiring managers and recruiters – to consult students on how to strengthen this essential, career-launching document that is tailored to their unique professional goals. With their expert advice, students can be confident about developing a resume that makes an impact with the reader.”

The DSC Career Development staff aims to help students progress confidently towards meaningful employment that allows students to put their degree to work. From the early stages of exploring the careers that best fit a student’s goals and passions to resume clinics, mock interviews and networking opportunities, Career Development provides the resources students need to get them on track.

To learn more about services and events provided by the Decosimo Success Center, click here.

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