Jolls Innovations, LLC., owned by UTC MBA graduate D’Anna Farrar and husband Justin Jolls, announced the launch of their first innovative Patented Home Improvement product, The Paint Tray Saver™. In 2016, Farrar pitched the product in the Rollins College of Business Elevator Pitch Competition and won first place. She remains involved with the Rollins College of Business by participating in several entrepreneurship programs including leading a session in the 2017 Southeast Entrepreneurship Conference (SEEC).

Paint Tray Saver is an easy to use, cost effective paint tray liner that will fit any standard size paint tray. The Paint Tray Saver saves users time and money by creating a no mess, easy to use solution  to the age old problem of cleaning your dirty paint tray. Paint Tray Saver is recyclable after use, and eliminates the need to pollute a water supply from cleaning a paint tray in a sink.

“We’re excited to see the product transform from an idea I had while painting a wall in my parent’s house into a marketable product,” said Justin Jolls, Inventor of the Paint Tray Saver. “When you finish a painting project the last thing you want to do is slave over a sink, staining both your hands and the sink with paint. We provide a solution that will fit any paint tray, unlike most of the pre-formed liners in the market today.” This is also a great solution for painters with multiples colors in one room. “Usually you have one trim color, wall color and ceiling color. Before Paint Tray Saver, you would have to clean your tray between colors. Now simply roll the Paint Tray Saver liner off, flipping it inside out, slide a new liner on, remove the air with the provided pump (or household vacuum cleaner) pour your paint, and paint away.

The Paint Tray Saver Kit comes with 5 paint tray liners and a handheld vacuum pump. Paint Tray Savers are available for purchase online at Paint Tray Saver is also available at the four local Elder’s Ace Hardware locations below as well as Chattanooga Paint and Decorating in Hixson.

The Paint Tray Saver came to fruition after Farrar winning the 2016 Elevator Pitch competition and after completing the CO.STARTERS program through the Edney Innovation Center in Fall of 2017.

Elder’s Ace Hardware Dayton Blvd: 1870 Dayton Blvd. Chattanooga, TN 37405
Elder’s Ace Hardware HWY 58: 4921 Hwy 58. Chattanooga, TN 37416
Elder’s Ace Hardware East Ridge: 3502 Ringgold Rd East Ridge, TN 37412
Elder’s Ace Hardware East Brainerd: 8164 East Brainerd Rd. Chattanooga, TN 37421
Chattanooga Paint and Decorating: 5529 Hixson Pike, Hixson, TN 37343

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