Jake Huffine, Senior, Accounting and Finance

Jake Huffine, a graduating senior double majoring in Accounting and Finance, sat down for an interview with the Accounting Department to walk us back through his successful four-year collegiate career. Throughout his time at UTC, Huffine has sustained a 4.0 GPA, partaken in two internships with PlayCore and Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), was named SoCon Wrestling Student Athlete of the Week (Dec. 26, 2018), and served on the Rollins College of Business Dean’s Student Advisory Council.

What made you choose Accounting?

“Coming into college, I knew that I wanted to do something in business and took my dad’s advice to declare Accounting. I had my first Principles I class my freshman year of college and really enjoyed it. I was pretty good at it and decided that it was something I wanted to pursue.”

What stands out to you about the UTC Accounting Program?

“I’d say it’s probably two elements: the bond with accounting students and the relationships built with professors. One of my highlights of going through the Accounting program has been working alongside the same people and bonding over the work we have done together. One of the things I will remember the most about college is the hard projects that you get through with a close friend or classmate. Another aspect is the relationships I have built with professors. It’s been nice to go to professors when I have had job offers and ask them for advice. I know I’ll be able to come back after working a couple of years and catch back up with these professors.”

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