Building strong study habits is an imperative part of being a student, regardless of which program you decide to pursue. But while earning your Master of Business Administration, there are often new obstacles to overcome when establishing these study habits. Whether you’re a working professional, a recent graduate, a parent, or a retiree, it’s important to identify what study techniques work best for you while in the Flexible MBA or 100% Online MBA program at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC).

  • Identify Your Learning Style: In order to identify study skills and habits that will work best for you, it’s important to build an awareness of your learning style. A learning style simply refers to the way in which a student best learns or processes information. As part of our 100% Online MBA program, students complete an activity in which they learn more about their personal learning styles in the VARK learning styles model (i.e. visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic) which will aid them as they build study habits for the duration of their programs. Activities like this are readily available to you either as part of your MBA program or through online resources and they are a great way to start your MBA on the right foot. By identifying your learning style, you will be able to determine how to best approach certain concepts, assignments, and projects while maximizing your overall performance in the classroom.
  • Map a Regular Study Schedule: Another simple but effective study strategy for students in either the Flexible MBA or the 100% Online MBA program is to build a regular study schedule that fits in with day-to-day life. Students may find it difficult to fit reading course material and working on assignments into their daily schedules. For this reason, we suggest pre-planning your study time and finding gaps in your schedule each day that allow you to focus strictly on your coursework. While students in the Flexible MBA program will have required in-class time each week, students in our 100% Online MBA program have to be more accountable in order to give each course the attention it needs and deserves. By setting specific time aside for studying, students in either program are more likely to devote the time needed to coursework and effectively absorb the material as they progress through each course.
  • Create an Effective Study Space: Students often find that their environment dictates their overall focus, comprehension, and progress. Consequently, we encourage students to study in spaces that foster academic excellence. By relocating to a designated study space such as the library or a coffee shop, students are able to shift their focus away from what might otherwise be distracting at home. Another option is to build an office or study space within your home that is used strictly for studying. This space should ideally be a separate space, free from distractions such as the television or household conversation. While it may seem like a simple initiative, identifying study spaces that promote ideal study habits and maximum comprehension is crucial to a student’s overall success.

Effective study habits and strategies are unique to each individual. As a result, it’s important to identify and set these habits early on in your program. By following the simple steps listed above, you will better prepare yourself for a successful journey through the UTC Flexible MBA or 100% Online MBA program.


Guest blogger: Brianna Gill, Gary W. Rollins College of Business Graduate Programs Office

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