Why Wait? 5 Reasons to Earn Your MBA Now  

The key to success in today’s global economy is separating yourself from the rest of the applicant pool. If you want to take the next step in your career or take advantage of an open position at your dream company, then you need to invest in yourself. The best way to do this is to enroll in an online MBA degree program. When you earn an MBA degree, doors will open that were previously closed. You will find that it’s easier to fulfill your potential and accomplish the goals that you set for yourself at the beginning of your professional journey.

So, what are you waiting for? You can get started on your online MBA degree now. Here are five reasons to enroll today:

Your MBA Will Allow You to Earn a Higher Salary

Completing an MBA program is one of the best investments you can make in your career. Most students who complete an MBA degree program find that they are able to quickly secure a promotion within their own company or a higher position at another organization. Generally speaking, this results in a higher salary.

Some people may find it risky to leave a current position to pursue a full-time graduate degree program like an MBA. However, The Princeton Review highlighted Bloomberg Businessweek research that found people who took a sabbatical from their careers in order to earn an MBA earned significantly more after completing their program. The survey revealed that people who earned about $50,000 per year and left the workforce to pursue an MBA program full-time saw an 80 percent increase in their salaries after graduation. This is not an investment that forces you to wait years before you can enjoy the return. MBA graduates often hold some of the highest positions within an organization, which in turn means that they enjoy higher salaries and better compensation packages.

Your MBA Will Help You Take Your Career to the Next Level

Anyone who feels like they are stuck in a rut in their career will find that an MBA degree is the best way to catapult toward success. These are just a few examples of the types of positions that MBA graduates hold:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Owner
  • CEO
  • Marketing Director
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Financial Director

Without an MBA degree, often business professionals can only go so far in their career. You may be able to get a mid-level management position without an MBA, but you may never advance beyond that. If you are serious about taking your career to new heights, then it’s important that you invest in yourself. An MBA will help you stand apart from the competition, and it will allow you to be considered for some of the most competitive positions around the globe.

Your MBA Will Give You a Chance to Challenge Yourself

An MBA program is a unique educational experience. As you work with esteemed professors and connect with motivated peers, you will find that there are many opportunities for both personal and professional growth. Yes, most of your course work will be focused on business-related topics, such as analytics, human resources, financial management, accounting and strategy. However, you will find that the challenges you face and overcome while completing these courses will help you become a better version of yourself. You will feel personally fulfilled, and you will feel more prepared to take your next professional step after graduation. In an online MBA program, you can gain a set of practical skills that can be applied in any business setting, all while enjoying personal growth and development.

Your MBA Will Help You Grow Your Professional Network

Networking plays a pivotal role in all business industries. From marketing experts to human resource managers to accountants, business professionals need to be connected in order to come up with innovative solutions to the complex challenges of today.

There is no better place to build your professional network than an MBA program. Through this program, you will be learning from knowledgeable business leaders who are ready to pass on their knowledge to students. Not only will your professors provide you with practical guidance and assistance as you move through the program, but your classmates also can play a key role in your networking strategy. Students in the program come from a variety of backgrounds and represent many different business sectors. By working with your classmates, you may uncover new opportunities that will enhance your journey going forward.

Your MBA Will be Recognized Across the Globe

There are few other degrees that hold the same level of international recognition. The MBA is considered to be one of the most elite graduate degrees, and it is held in high regard among corporations and organizations in nearly every country. It is widely recognized that the MBA program covers nearly all facets of business. As an MBA graduate, you have an intimate understanding of nearly all of the most complex business topics of the day. You are one of the few equipped to take on the challenges that organizations are facing as they continuously adapt in an ever-changing global climate.

Whether you just graduated from your undergraduate degree program or you have been out of school for more than a decade, now is the best time to enroll in the online MBA program at The University of Tennessee Chattanooga. We offer a MBA program that allows students to create an educational path that works for them. Students can choose to attend full-time or part-time as they complete their MBA, which is ideal for those who are balancing school with their current professional responsibilities.

In addition, we give our students the opportunity to customize their degree program through several concentrations so that it suits their personal interests and their professional goals. Our flexible MBA program can include a concentration in finance, business analytics or health care administration, or students may select from a variety of electives.

Ultimately, our online MBA degree is the best choice for any aspiring business professional who wants to make the most out of their career. For more information about enrolling in the UTC online MBA degree program, contact us today.













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