A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is one of the most highly regarded graduate level degrees you can aspire to hold. This is due to the fact that the MBA degree program uniquely prepares graduates to think strategically and critically in a variety of business scenarios. Graduates are also often able to specialize their degree program to cater to the needs of their chosen career path, and they are able to apply their newfound knowledge and skills in a variety of professional settings.

Despite this, there are still some common misconceptions about the MBA program that need to be addressed. At The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC), we want to debunk these myths about the MBA program and encourage more students from across all fields to consider this valuable and flexible graduate degree program.

Myth #1: You Should Not Pursue an MBA if You Have Been Out of School for a While

One of the most common misconceptions about the MBA program is that it is only suitable for students who have just finished their bachelor’s degree programs. The truth of the matter is, you can easily enroll in an MBA degree program at any time after completing your undergraduate degree.

In fact, many MBA programs prefer to accept applicants who have a combination of educational credentials and professional experience. MBA degree program advisors often feel that students with professional experience have a better understanding of the real-world applications of business techniques, and they understand more about where they want to take their career in the future. Whether it has been one year, five years or twenty, an MBA can still help you bolster your career and allow you to develop new skills.


Myth #2: You Can Only Earn an MBA if Your Undergraduate Degree Is in Business

Yes, an MBA program is a business graduate degree, but that doesn’t mean you had to study business as an undergraduate in order to qualify. In reality, students from all types of professional backgrounds may find that an MBA degree is a valuable addition to their own resumes. Most MBA programs will accept students with any type of undergraduate degree, ranging from a liberal arts degree or a journalism degree to chemical engineering or computer science degrees.

Students who do not have a background in studying business will appreciate the fact that the MBA program includes a variety of foundational classes that are designed to give them well-rounded knowledge about a variety of business topics, including finance, economics, accounting and marketing. In addition to working on core foundational classes, MBA students also often have the opportunity to concentrate their degree program in order to suit their own unique career goals.


Myth #3: An Online MBA Degree Is Not as Valuable as a Traditional MBA Degree

There is a certain stigma that surrounds online degree programs, including the online MBA degree program. One of the largest misconceptions about the online MBA degree program is that it is not as prestigious or as credible as traditional MBA programs. This is completely false. Any accredited MBA degree program—whether it is an online program or a traditional classroom program—is credible.

When you invest in an online MBA degree program, you are opting to embark on an educational journey that will provide you with a rich and immersive career-building experience. At the end of the program, you will hold a degree that is as valuable and powerful as just about any other MBA graduate. For many, the online MBA degree program is the most flexible and valuable option because it allows them to pursue their education on their own terms.


Myth #4: Online MBA Degree Programs Are Not as Challenging as Traditional MBA Programs

Another common misconception about online MBA degree programs is that they are easier than traditional programs that require in-person classes. Not true. An accredited online MBA degree program includes the same core curriculum requirements as any traditional program that is accredited by the same institution.

An online MBA degree program explores advanced, in-depth business topics in the same manner as a traditional MBA program. Graduate from these degree programs will go forward with the skills and knowledge they need to advance to the next level of the business world as their on-campus counterparts. In fact, many online degree holders are more respected by their current organizations and by future employers—it’s widely recognized completing an online degree program requires a certain amount of self-discipline and self-motivation.

Myth #5: Only People Who Want to Go Into Management Should Pursue an MBA

It’s true than an MBA degree can help you climb the corporate ladder and land that coveted management position within your company or at another organization that is looking for leadership. However, this is not the only career goal of MBA students.

In fact, students pursue an MBA degree for a variety of reasons. Some have a goal of opening their own business or launching their own company. Others want to pursue a business career in a different sector, such as finance, business analytics, or human resources. It is important for prospective students to understand that an MBA degree program is a versatile program that can lead them down an exciting, challenging and invigorating professional path of their choosing.

Now that you know that these common misconceptions are nothing more than myths, why not apply to the online MBA degree program at UTC?

Our Online MBA degree program is a flexible program that you can finish on a schedule that works for you. We work with our students to provide them with a challenging academic curriculum that will prepare them for a long, fulfilling career in a variety of business sectors. Whether you want to form your own company or you want to become the head of your company’s human resources department, an online MBA degree from UTC may be the best choice for you.

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