By Guest Blogger: Brianna Gill, Gary W. Rollins College of Business Graduate Programs Office

Pursuing an MBA may seem daunting for many students who did not major in business during their undergraduate studies.  However, according to, “An MBA can further your career goals, whether your undergraduate degree is in music, medicine, engineering, or liberal arts.” Non-business undergrads can benefit from advancing their education with training from a MBA program.

At the University of Tennessee Chattanooga (UTC) Gary W. Rollins College of Business, we are proud to welcome students from all different backgrounds and majors into our 100% Online MBA and Flexible MBA programs. You do not need an undergraduate degree in business to be accepted into our MBA program. Upon admission, our faculty and staff effectively assess the academic and professional backgrounds of each of our students in order to make sure that they are well-prepared for their coursework. Furthermore, our instructors use the diverse skillsets and perspectives of their student populations to build unique, comprehensive course discussions. From there, students in the Rollins COB MBA degree programs are able to confidently apply the skills learned in their MBA coursework to their desired fields or industries.

A common question that prospective MBA students ask is in regards to prerequisite coursework for the Online or Flexible MBA programs. For students who have not taken coursework in foundational business areas, the 100% Online MBA program and the Flexible MBA program at UTC incorporate a series of online background modules to bring students up-to-speed with key concepts in these areas. Specifically, these self-paced, online background modules cover the fields of accounting, economics, business law, and statistics. Students who have not taken coursework in any or all of these fields are able to feel adequately prepared for their MBA training by completing these modules. This is just one of the many ways that our students are provided with the necessary support they need to succeed in the MBA program. Additional support avenues for our students include one-on-one academic advisement and career development support, both of which provide relevant assistance to students from both business and non-business undergraduate degrees.

If studying business at the collegiate level is new to you, you are not alone. Many of the students in the UTC MBA programs did not study business in their undergraduate studies. However, these students are able to seamlessly enter into the MBA program and gain a new perspective about how cutting edge business concepts can be applied to a wide range of industries and careers. Regardless of your academic background or your professional pursuits, a Master of Business Administration degree from the Rollins College of Business will provide you with the know-how and skills needed to excel in the field of business and beyond.  Contact us for assistance in starting your journey towards an MBA degree.,%2C%20engineering%2C%20or%20liberal%20arts.



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