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Podcasts can be a great way to acquire new information and insights as you pursue your MBA.

Podcasts have become the new platform to attract attention across the country and across industries. Nearly a third of Americans report that they listen to podcasts at least once per month. These on-demand channels can cover a wealth of information, with people turning to podcasts for everything from news to entertainment to business strategy.

In an effective, rigorous MBA program, every student will need to acquire a wealth of information. They need to equip themselves with the skills and background knowledge that they need to thrive in their careers and become business leaders. An excellent way to complement what you explore in the classroom and continue to dive into the material is MBA podcasts. These channels can provide emerging business professionals with additional skills and insights that can help them prepare for their upcoming careers and excel in their positions.

For students who want to find some exciting business podcasts, we have compiled a list of the top 11 podcasts for MBA students that can get you started.

Podcast 1: HBR Ideacast

Podcast Host: This podcast is hosted by the Harvard Business Review, specifically senior editors Alison Beard and Curt Nickisch. HBR is a management magazine that publishes leading articles on business and management.

What it’s all about: The podcast covers a range of materials of interest and use to MBAs, including featured CEOs, thought leadership, and experts in business.

Why it deserves your attention: As an MBA student, HBR offers some of the leading information on the business world. This podcast offers great insight into what has helped other professionals excel and prepares you to put your studies to use.


Podcast 2: Marketing Smarts

Podcast Host: This podcast is hosted by MarketingProfs, a leading marketing company that teaches brands about modern marketing.

What it’s all about: Marketing, of course. It focuses on marketing, delving into some of the latest advice and insight.

Why it deserves your attention: To excel in any business, the organization has to be able to effectively market itself. When MBAs prepare to enter their new jobs, having a firm understanding of modern marketing can help them effectively lead their business forward.


Podcast 3: Knowledge@Wharton

Podcast Host: This podcast is hosted by the Wharton School of Business, the prestigious business school at the University of Pennsylvania.

What it’s all about:  The topics covered in this podcast can range considerably, touching upon a range of issues impacting business. Expect to get updates on the latest trends and news in business as well as the chance to hear from business leaders, including faculty from Wharton.

Why it deserves your attention: Excelling after earning your MBA lies in your ability to navigate the business world. With helpful, actionable advice and the latest information, this podcast will help you achieve more.


Podcast 4: StartUp

Podcast Host: The podcast host is Alex Blumberg, an entrepreneur who has navigated the ups and downs of starting a new business. 

What it’s all about: This podcast dives into just about any question a business professional might have about starting their own business. By helping other professionals find opportunities and avoid pitfalls, this podcast offers helpful advice.

Why it deserves your attention: Understanding how to navigate the startup side of business can help MBA students find their own path to success. This podcast answers questions and helps students see if the entrepreneur’s path will serve them well.


Podcast 5: TED Business

Podcast Host: This podcast is hosted through the popular TEDTalks, which brings in professionals and leaders across industries to speak about a variety of topics.

What it’s all about: This podcast brings together some of the top names in business including entrepreneurs and those who have led the way for great innovations.

Why it deserves your attention: The people speaking on this podcast can provide excellent examples of success in the business world and the path they took to reach their goals. Students will find the information helpful and inspiring as they prepare for their own careers.


Podcast 6: The Tim Ferriss Show

Podcast Host: This podcast is hosted by Tim Ferriss, who is known for his business expertise and his book, The 4-Hour Work Week.

What it’s all about: This highly rated podcast looks at business from a variety of different angles. Listeners will hear from industry leaders, receive advice about professional excellence, get insight into business news, and hear celebrity interviews.

Why it deserves your attention: This popular podcast has proven that it deserves attention with its outstanding ratings and popularity. The insight students will gain will prepare them to apply everything they learn during the MBA and help them find their path to success.

Podcast 7: How I Built This with Guy Raz

Podcast Host: This podcast is hosted by Guy Raz, an NPR correspondent.

What it’s all about: During each podcast, Guy Raz speaks with an entrepreneur or other business leader to learn about how they built their business from the ground up.

Why it deserves your attention: For those who want to excel in the business world, seeing how others have accomplished similar goals in the past can provide valuable business insight and inspiration.


Podcast 8: GirlBoss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

Podcast Host: The host of this podcast is Sophia Amoruso, one of the richest self-made women, according to Forbes, and the founder of Nasty Gal.

What it’s all about: The podcast delves into overcoming obstacles and breaking through barriers in the business world. It provides great insight into personal growth and success.

Why it deserves your attention: All business professionals will come across obstacles at some point in their careers. This podcast offers great advice for accomplishing dreams and shattering ceilings.


Podcast 9: Bloomberg Businessweek

Podcast Host: This podcast is hosted by Jason Kelly, a bestselling author, and Carol Masser, an award-winning journalist.

What it’s all about: During this podcast, listeners will dive into insight regarding business and economics. Speakers and stories touch upon finance and global technology as well.

Why it deserves your attention: This podcast offers a great way to remain up to date with the latest news and stories impacting business, and the industry-leading hosts create an excellent educational tool.


Podcast 10: Entrepreneurs on Fire

Podcast Host: John Lee Dumas, an entrepreneur and author.

What it’s all about: Dumas spends each episode interviewing industry-leading professionals and gathering advice and insight that others can use to uncover their own paths to success.

Why it deserves your attention: Learning from others who have excelled in business offers an excellent example of how to take what students learn in the classroom during an MBA program and turn it into practical action for success.


Podcast 11: The $100 MBA Show

Podcast Host: This podcast is hosted by Omar Zenhom, who has made a name for himself with his $100 MBA program and award-winning podcasts.

What it’s all about: This podcast covers a variety of material regarding the business world. They aim to provide actionable advice and lessons that show how to put an MBA education to work.

Why it deserves your attention: The creators of this podcast want to revolutionize MBA education, and this podcast demonstrates their value. These lessons will support what you learn in the classroom and prepare you to take the information into the business world.


Podcasts can offer students an excellent means of supplementing their education and taking their learning experience to the next level. If you are interested in earning your MBA, visit us at the University of Tennessee here and see how this program can help you reach your business goals.


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