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An MBA can take you on career paths you might have never dreamed about. Here are 10 interesting fields you might find engaging.

Those interested in pursuing an MBA often wonder about the jobs available to them upon graduation. Aside from preparing graduates in the fundamentals of business—sales, finance, mergers, growth, etc.—the degree itself offers the chance to dive into interesting management and leadership roles. At UTC, our MBA graduates are prepared for a wide range of jobs and industries. This degree can open the door to extraordinary opportunities that stretch far beyond the traditional business setting.

Those interested in pursuing work outside normal business parameters should consider these ten potential career options, each one an excellent fit for those with a Master of Business Administration education:

  1. Human Resource Managers

Although they oversee a traditional business function, human resource managers also work in just about every type of industry. While the position is comfortably at home in office buildings, it also can provide ample opportunities to travel for professional meetings. While at work, these professionals manage the administrative functions of businesses, such as recruiting and hiring new employees, taking care of the benefits program for the company, and coordinating communication between people throughout the organization. Those pursuing an MBA often want to make sure that the decision was financially valuable, and this job answers that need. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), they have a median pay of over $116,000 per year and expect a faster-than-average growth rate over the next ten years.

  1. Medical and Health Service Managers

Health service managers help to coordinate and direct facilities for healthcare providers. This includes tasks such as creating work schedules, arranging the budget, representing the healthcare organization in different professional aspects, and working with the organization to create goals and objectives for different departments. The environments they work in can range widely, as well—from managing departments or small healthcare practices to leading entire healthcare facilities. According to the BLS, this field is expected to experience tremendous growth, with the next ten years seeing 32 percent jump in open positions—adding over 100,000 more jobs in the field. At UTC, the healthcare administration concentration in our MBA program gives students the chance to pursue customize their education to their future goals, earning the credential and building a resume that will help them excel in this field.

  1. Data Analysts

With the influx of Big Data in recent years, and the increasing capabilities of businesses to understand and leverage it, the role of data analyst has also become an intriguing career choice for many. These professionals work to gather and organize data and then analyze it to produce helpful information and guidance. UTC’s MBA concentration in Business Analytics can help prepare students for this field. Graduates of the program come away with the skills they need to work in a variety of industries—from healthcare to food service to government agencies. Organizations of all types increasingly turn to data as a means of improving their services for customers and building their organization. With the growing importance of data, these positions will likely be in high demand moving forward.

  1. Nonprofit Managers

Those who want to build a career that uses business strategies to further a cause may find the nonprofit sector to their liking. Nonprofit managers work for a variety of community-minded organizations and charitable organizations across a wide spectrum of human needs. This career field, one where you pursue a passion, can be both personally fulfilling and potentially financially rewarding.

  1. Computer and Information Technology Occupations

Computers continue to become an increasingly important part of everyday life. Worldwide, every organization relies on computers to help them manage tasks from payroll administration to collecting data on customers. Information technology, therefore, has become a very popular career field with ample opportunities for job growth. Professionals who can help organize and monitor the collection and interpretation of data, manage technology systems, and help organizations remain abreast of the latest technological advancements are in great demand. In fact, the BLS anticipates an 11 percent growth rate over the next decade for over half a million new jobs. IT careers came in at a median average of $88,240 in 2019, which means that MBA grads who pursue this career field will find themselves prepared for a stable yet exciting career path.

  1. Medical Directors

Medical directors help to oversee the quality of medical care offered by various establishments. They may need to have some experience in the medical field, but as a director, their job revolves around serving in leadership roles. They will help to oversee the care of patients and help develop the policies and procedures used within the medical facility. For those who have a medical background, this position can provide an excellent opportunity to make a difference in the lives of patients. Since the medical field as a whole is experiencing tremendous growth—healthcare occupations are projected to add 2.4 million new jobs by 2029—the need for trained medical directors will also continue to grow.

  1. Public Relations and Fundraising Managers

Public relations professionals help organizations broadcast information about their business and manage their reputation in the public sphere. They may help with fundraising, coordinating campaigns for the business, developing and writing press releases, and managing the staff of those who help with fundraising and public campaigns. Talented public relations professionals can maintain the business’s reputation and manage their public personas. With the increasing connectivity of businesses and their customers, thanks to the internet, experienced and educated public relations experts continue to be critically important professionals. This explains why the field anticipates a rapid 9 percent growth rate over the next ten years. And why, according to the BLS, they averaged $116,180 in 2019.

  1. Product and Advertising Managers

Product and advertising managers help to control how brands promote their organization to target audiences. Within the product-specific sector, these professionals work to better understand the current needs of customers, see how the company’s products can help fill those needs, and create campaigns that help to generate interest in the products and services the organization offers. With the strategies, management, and leadership qualities they mastered in school, MBA graduates are well-positioned to successfully lead in this area—a field that averaged a median pay of $135,900 per year in 2019.

  1. Social and Community Service Managers

Community service managers play an important role in supporting the public. They can work with a variety of populations, ranging from the very young to elderly. Others might work with specific groups—veterans, for example. Whatever field they find themselves in, these professionals will use their analytic skills to understand the value of the different programs, draft proposals, work with program stakeholders, and do work that allows them to serve their target population. This offers a rewarding career for MBA graduates who want to make a difference in their community.

  1. Sports Management

For those who believe they would enjoy working with athletes and professional sports teams, becoming a sports manager may be just the ticket. A sports manager working with a professional team will help to take care of anything related to the team, outside the games and practices. This can include contracts, managing schedules, promoting the team, and serving as the spokesman and representative for the team.  Additionally, the MBA finance concentration at UTC can help students prepare for roles such as this. It provides the insights needed to budget and plan the financial future for a professional sports team or league.

Careers for MBA graduates are wide and varied. Each potential career option offers the opportunity for graduates to use the business skills learned in different ways.  In essence, an MBA does not limit you to working a typical business job.  Rather, it opens a world of opportunities, helping prepare you for careers that align with your passions and interests.

Want to learn more about how an MBA can help you pursue your passions? Take a minute to explore the MBA programs of UTC. See how our engaging and rigorous programs can prepare you for the direction you want to take your career.

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