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Twitter is a great way to stay on top of current business news. Here are seven accounts to follow.

Keeping up on current events such as world and local economics and international affairs can arm you with tools and information for success in the future.

With all the noise in social media, it can be a challenge to find unbiased and factual news outlets to keep up on current affairs. Add on a busy schedule from your career and earning an MBA, it can seem almost impossible to find a reliable source. We’ve pared the search down to a selection of informative non-political accounts that you can follow on Twitter.

Twitter allows users to include links to useful and intriguing articles that you can share or “retweet” through your own account. Following the below accounts can keep you informed and on top of the world around you. You can also find great links to interesting articles to “retweet” and add to your own feed. Or, if you’re an active Twitter user, this is a chance to add to the accounts you follow.

  1. Business Insider

With the slogan “What you want to know about business,” Business Insider provides live updates on breaking news as well as a variety of consumer topics from technology to entertainment. The account also retweets from other business media and its affiliated publications like Business Insider Tech and Business Insider Health.

Business Insider has subscriptions available, however most business stories can be read for free through their Twitter account. Part of why some people like Business Insider’s take on the news is its emphasis on interesting individuals and newsmakers rather than just financial activity.

  1. Fast Company

This publication refers to itself as “the future of business.” Fast Company content touches on all points of business, but primarily focuses on small to medium businesses. Its content provides recommendations on current industry trends, time management, ways to increase revenue and habits to avoid.

Fast Company focuses on how to adapt and stay relevant and creative in a swiftly changing economy. Its approach to business encourages readers to examine economic changes globally and apply successful and useful tactics to their business models.

  1. The Economist

For a focus on global events, The Economist’s Twitter feed is an excellent resource. This news magazine maintains a global focus on news, finance, science and more. Along with the standard magazine, it has a sub-brand that focuses on articles specific to MBA students.

The Economist Twitter account includes information pertaining to MBA programs. Stories are often shared from the perspective of current students as well as business professionals, providing an analysis of current events and how they impact the world around us. Readers can also find inspiring stories covering MBA graduates and their successes. In addition to sharing features through the Twitter account, it also provides access to audio versions to readers through the website.

  1. Business Weekly

Business Weekly, a publication from Cambridge in the United Kingdom, focuses on international commerce, import and export opportunities. It helps provide a global perspective and how that pertains to the world around us.

Its Twitter feed includes current trends and activities in manufacturing, technology, medical technology, health care and more. It also includes stories concerning startups, startup future planning and general innovation. Along with access to detail-oriented stories, Business Weekly supplies resources on how to build professional business relationships with vendors, suppliers and partners.

  1. MBA Game Plan

Whether you’re already in an MBA program or still researching programs, you’ll find plenty of useful information from the MBA Game Plan Twitter account. The account offers informative insights into different programs available around the world.

MBA Game Plan includes strategies on the application process and tips on how to succeed once admitted. For those with the objective of completing an MBA program to advance career opportunities, beneficial recommendations can be found for internships, job hunting, networking and interviewing.

  1. Forbes

Forbes magazine has been around since 1917, and it continues to showcase business acumen through a strong online presence as well as expansive social media. The magazine’s appeal remains the same: Well-written stories and resources to aid people in any type of business. It also publishes annual lists, such as CEOs or entertainers with the highest net worth, that provide insight into which fields are the most lucrative and which have the potential to change.

The reason for its longevity as a source of business insight partially rests on its reputation for accuracy and solid reporting. Forbes is referred to as a global brand as well as “the world’s leading voice for entrepreneurial success and free enterprise.” In addition to relevant breaking business news, the Twitter feed focuses on top business leaders that make an impact in the world.

  1. Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur Twitter account includes details surrounding current events, projects and activities of top business leaders. Readers can learn about the responsibilities of being a leader, including how to spot progressive trends and identify business pros and cons. Along with its popular “Ask an Expert” feature, the magazine’s home on Twitter offers links to a series of virtual gatherings designed to connect professionals so they can collaborate and share insights.

Bonus Follow: Edge Magazine

Edge is Chattanooga’s business magazine and tells the story of the Chattanooga region’s fast-moving business scene. Keeping up with national news is important, but it is also critical to understand local and regional trends.

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