Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) gives you the chance to take a confident step forward in the world of business. You learn about management and analysis so that you can see how to take organizations further. You learn how you can become a leader in your chosen areas of business.  

Earning an MBA can open a variety of doors for you. This highly desirable degree prepares you to become a leader in a variety of different professional situations. For some candidates, it can even offer the chance to combine a love of sports with a business career. There are several fields in which those with a passion for sports and a talent for business can thrive.  

If a business career involving sports sounds appealing to you, we will walk you through a few different career paths that might work well. Here are four professions where sports enthusiasts with an MBA can find their perfect position.  

1. Sports Goods Manufacturer

Some of the most globally recognized brands manufacture the world’s sporting equipment, such as Nike and Adidas. These names can be seen on jerseys across different sports and around the world. For these companies to continue to excel, however, they need quality business professionals leading them to the top. These business leaders need to bring an understanding of the sporting world and the needs of athletes together with a business mindset to power success. 

Professionals who enter this specialty will find that they have the opportunity to work with international brands and help to build these companies even further. At these businesses, you can work with those that designed the sports equipment you yourself likely used for years. You will help these companies continue to produce highly desirable, quality products for athletes.  

2. Sports Journalism

Those who follow sports inherently understand the value of sports journalism. These professionals offer insightful analyses of the games as well as of the players. They provide fans with pre-game and post-game insights as well as play-by-play commentary throughout the game. Quality sports journalism can create an experience that is the next best thing after being at the game personally. 

Those interested in entering the field of sports journalism will likely also benefit from some experience in the journalism and communication fields. However, those with an MBA will find that this degree can help them play an important role at the media outlets themselves. You will have insight into the branding of different channels and how the business can continue to grow and reach more sports fans. You can also bring your sports insight to help you understand your target audience. 

Professionals who secure positions in this side of the sports industry will experience a number of different benefits and opportunities that they might not find anywhere else. For example, you can get the chance to attend exciting sporting events related to the main sports you cover. You can see championship games and may even get to meet players as a part of the job. 

3. Professional Sports General Manager

A sports manager plays an important role in the organization of the team. They need to have an intimate understanding of the sport of their team, as they will find they often need to speak on behalf of the team to the media and make good decisions regarding coaches, scheduling, and the day-to-day tasks associated with running the team. 

Depending upon the team and the organization, the general manager may be tasked with the marketing and branding part of the organization as well. They will also play an important role in organizing everyone involved with the team, including their training and matches. The skills that you will learn throughout your MBA degree will help you capitalize on opportunities to organize and manage the people involved with the team. However, your passion for sports will help you excel in the role as well, bringing together two major areas of interest and expertise. 

4. Sports Charity Work

Sports charity work can be a rewarding sector for those who like working towards the betterment of the community. Sports charity events have become increasingly popular across a variety of different causes around the country. For example, people create charity runs, bike rides, walks, games, and tournaments in an effort to raise money for their chosen cause. These events then raise money for schools, different medical organizations, and more. Sometimes organizers coordinate such events to encourage fitness and exercise in children and families. 

These types of events, however, have a number of steps and tasks that require attention for the event to run smoothly and be profitable. The businesses that help to run these types of charity drives will also appreciate working with an MBA graduate with a passion for sports and bringing these activities to the greater community. 

For those who want to find jobs that help them contribute to the well-being of others, this can be an excellent fit. Since it also combines athletics, many athletes will also enjoy the chance to combine their interests into a profession. 

Start Your Future with a Slam Dunk

Earning an MBA can help you pursue a variety of career paths and job opportunities where you can use your interests to help you excel. If you have a passion for sports, then you will be happy to know that earning this degree can also help you find an excellent career. There are a variety of different paths you can take within the world of athletics that will put your MBA to use and help you find a career that you feel passionate about. 

If you want to know more about how you can earn an MBA, learn more about the Master of Business Administration offered by the University of Tennessee. With rigorous classes and mentors that will help you find your path to business success, this excellent program offers the academics and support you need to thrive. Take the first step towards a career you will love. 

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