Maryam Ghorashi, Richard Carpenter, and Aldo McLean

Maryam Ghorashi, Richard Carpenter, and Aldo McLean

The Engineering Management & Technology department was proud to host Richard Carpenter from EPB Fiber Optics.  Richard visited the ETEM 1000 Engineering Management Seminar class to talk with students about skills required to manage engineers in a company. Richard has 20 years in the telecommunications industry and is the current Manager of Operations at EPB in charge of the state-of-art Network Operations Facility in Chattanooga.

Richard made it clear that his time in the United States Air Force is one of his proudest achievements.  During that time he completed his Associates degree in Electronics and later earned a BS degree in Business with a concentration on Computer Science.  His previous positions include AT&T where he worked as a Technical Support Engineer as well as Diebold as an Electronics Technician.  Later, he joined EPB Fiber Optics as a Switch Technician and worked his way up to his current management position.

EPB Fiber Optics is home to one the fastest Internet in the world.  They have conquered a feat that is envied globally and requires the skill of many professionals including the staff of engineers that Richard manages.  We are proud to know that Richard and his team are on the job to offer our great University and town something worth genuinely being proud of.

The ETEM 1000 Engineering Management Seminars is a course designed to promote retention and early engagement of freshman and sophomore students in engineering technology management. The course is taught by Dr. Aldo McLean, assistant professor of engineering management, with support of Maryam Ghorashi, graduate assistant in engineering management.


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